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6. Animal Pride Series Library Bound
7. Young Animal Pride Series-Paperbacks
8. Young Animal Pride Series
9. Magical Rocking Horse Series
10. A complete set of I Can Read, Too (Library Bound)

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1. I Can Read, Too Book #10
2. I Can Read, Too Book #8
3. I Can Read, Too Book #9
4. I Can Read, Too Book #4
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7. Chet
8. Ben
9. Robbie Razorback-Parerback
10. Stinky

* > Complete set of series

Young Animal Pride Series (YAPSeries)

Young Animal Pride Series

Books in this set:  Young Mad Jack, Young Buddy, Young Pokey, Young Molly, Young Greta, Young Annie, Young Bill, Young Billy Goat, Young Bingo, Young Chip, Young Cody, Young Eli, Young Fancy Fannie, Young Jack, Young Kitty, Young Marty, Young Odi, Young Prater, Young Pansy, Young Robbie, Young Samone, Young Satan, Young Sherman, Young Suzie, Young Sweep, Young Bessie, Young Cammie, Young Chet, Young Ding, Young Ellie.


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